Mother's/Altar Sociecy

The ladies in this group meet on the second Sunday of the month after Mass.

They are very generous in their financial support of our church and school by helping with tuition assistance and paying for the cleaning of the church.

In addition to working within the parish, the ladies provide service to the community as well by hosting the Lenten Luncheon once each year. The Society caters several meals yearly for various groups. They also donate a quilt to the annual Labor Day Bazaar, giving all proceeds to the school. Each year they sponsor a Christmas Bazaar, selling handmade items and homemade goodies.

The Mother's Society honors their patron, Our Lady of Sorrows, on the Sunday closest to her feast day, September 15, by inducting new members, installing new officers and hosting a potluck for the parish after Mass. They again host a potluck on the Sunday closest to the feast day of our parish patron, St. Joseph.

The chief ministry of the Mother's Society members is to pray for families, especially the children.

Anyone interested in joining the group may contact Katrina Willems, president. (970-5647)

Tuesday Morning Quilters

A group of 8-10 ladies meet every Tuesday morning for quilting and fellowship. Proceeds from their efforts benefit the Mother's Society.

All ladies who enjoy quilting or who would like to learn the craft are invited to join them.

Contact person for the quilters is Frances Rhineheart. (963-3945)

Men's Club

The St. Joseph Men's Club meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at 7pm. This group is open to all men of the parish.

The contact for the club is Harold Schluterman. (963-3545)

Catholic Youth Ministry


Rhonda Davis


Parish Council

The Council members oversee the running of the parish in general, serve in an advisory capacity to the pastor, and support him in any way he needs. Members serve a three-year term on a rotating basis.

Council members assist the school with the annual Labor Day Bazaar fundraiser.

The current chairperson is Les Mitchell. (438-1540)

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee coordinates activities and ministries within the parish. Members are responsible for gathering articles and compiling a newsletter about parish life twice a year, which is then distributed to every family on the parish roster.

Members host a meal for parishioners after the 6:00pm Saturday Vigil Mass every other month, serving chili, soups, pizza, or casseroles, etc., along with drinks and homemade desserts. This gathering gives everyone the opportunity to share a meal and visit with fellow parishioners.

The group hosts a Stewardship Fair in the spring, offering all members of the parish – young and not-so-young – the opportunity to sign up for the various ministries and organizations within the parish. The event also has a poster contest for our younger parishioners.

Anyone interested in actively serving on this committee may contact Mary Cope, (963-3258) & Paulette Spivey, (963-3712), Co-chairs.

They meet on the third Sunday of the month after Mass.

Five-Year Plan

The five-year plan was developed at a request from the Bishop's office. Under the leadership of Mike Koehler, committees were formed and ideas were submitted, giving our parish a specific direction to follow in areas such as ministry, parish life, office, maintenance and many more.

A Building and Grounds Committee was established with the following men agreeing to provide this service:

  • Jim O'Bar – Parish Hall
  • Kyle Schluterman – Convent
  • Tom Pohlmeier – Rectory
  • Billy Rhineheart – Church

These men will maintain a log on the upkeep of each of the buildings on our parish plant.